First Pan-African women in energy awards

Women in energy Awards and Conference 2020

We are thrilled to unveil  the 1st Pan African Award  referred ‘Africa Queen of Energy awards 2020’ with the  clear objective is  to inspire, recognize and reward women who have made strides in the energy sector across Africa .

This is a scale up from East Africa women in energy awards that has been running for five years in Eastern Africa. The conference and awards are convened by Brands and Beyond Ltd, energy advocacy and communication firm in partnership with the Private sector and various government ministries is the convener of this premier award having hosted the last four awards in Kenya and Uganda .

We seek to continue to  develop an authentic community of women who are putting the best foot forward and going above their call of duty to influence the landscape of the energy sector in Africa.

Conference 2020 themes

Event Schedule plan

Conference Schedule.

First Day December 15, 2020
Second Day December 16, 2020
Third Day December 17, 2020


Welcoming Remarks

Policy and regulations geared towards unlocking the full potential
of the energy sector in Africa

Speakers: Bertha Dlamini - Chief Creator & Group CEO Rito South Africa
Dr. Dunni Owo - National President - WEOG Nigeria
Dr. Melba Wesunna - Chair Energy Extractive Strathmore - Kenya

How is the energy industry shaping up for female professionals?

Speakers: Bertha Dlamini - Chief Creator & Group CEO Rito South Africa

Africa Free Continental Trade Area what await January 2021

  • Role of the Private sector in Africa in Accelerating Energy Access in Africa
  • What does it hold for Africa? Opportunities and challenges
  • Why the energy sector is the accelerator of Integration in Africa (Oil and Gas integration)
  • South Africa Power Pool  opportunities
  • East Africa Power Pool  opportunities
  • Oil and Gas interconnectivity

James Ngomeli: Chair Africa Queen of Energy Awards
Mrs. Dolapo Kotun - Member, WEOG and Refiners association
Phyllis Gatonye

The EU –Africa partnership

What it means for Africa. 

Renewable energy to boost for safe and sustainable agri-food systems. SDG 7

Agribusiness and developing bankable SMEs in Agriculture to achieve food security 

why renewable energy as driver to food sufficiency

Energy Access and food security

Energy Innovations to enhance competitiveness in the Manufacturing value chain 

Wrap up

  • The Pan African energy dream Can clean energy Unlock the full economic potential of women 
  • Attracting and Retaining women in the energy sector 
  • Sitting on the high table Importance of relationship in influencing 
  • Taking up STEM. Why it matter now 
  • True stories


Opening Remarks

Ministry of petroleum and Mining 

  • Why fossil fuels will remain a driver in Africa 
  • Oil and Gas ; the new frontier 
  • Driving the last mile of LPG 

Energy and Poverty

  • Is there an energy revolution in Africa ?
  • The reality and Potential for Africa 
  • why  energy poverty is rampant in Africa ?

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

  • Addressing the gender issues in male dominated sectors and realizing value.
  • Overcoming challenges and what we can learn from leader 
  • Doing business in energy sector lessons to learn 
  • Developing partnership in the energy sector

How clean energy driven by technology will fight future Pandemics

Gender Based Violence, Conflict and resolution

Preventing Gender Based violence within energy projects, Conflict and resolution in energy projects (role of women ) Involving vulnerable groups during construction Prevention of sexual harassment during project period Addressing community concerns with a gender lens  

From the Man Perspective: From Invisible to Influential

  • How can women can constructively address barriers to success such as unconscious bias
  • How can men and women work together to effect change and advance an inclusive and equal workforce agenda 
  • What common qualities have you notices in successful women leaders that are known
  • Learning to ask and the art of powerful negotiation 
  • advancing your energy career strategies and advice from key leaders


Opening Remarks day 3

Minister of Energy Kenya 

Africa needs energy mix to fight energy poverty

Continuation Day 3

  • The gender mainstreaming in ministry of energy case Pink energy 
  • Gender policy report 
  • Impact of Stream lining the local content experience across Africa South Sudan case

Driving the 100% Connectivity in Kenya

The challenges and opportunities for Africa to emulate 

Financing as barrier to Energy Access

How Can Innovative Financing Schemes Expand Women Access to Energy?

Fundraising for green/climate solutions ? Where is the money 

Developing Bankable projects ; what to look for 

Contribution of Millenials in the energy sector (Africa perspective)

  • What are the stereotypes that affects most millennial.
  • How can organizations promote intergenerational collaboration

How are the women changing the energy landscape in Africa

 Political Power – Does it hold the key to women advancement


Award Ceremony

Introduction and award ceremony